Hi ya and happy almost Christmas!

Just a quick apology for not posting – the festivities are really catching up with me. So much to do and so little time. My promise that I will do a post as soon as I can sit down and type for longer than 2 minutes!
Hope so much you are having fun and looking forward to a lovely break.

Speak soon.
Lily x

The holidays are coming!

Ohhh,  I love the holidays and I am itching to start doing posts on all things Christmassy!

However, I have promised myself not to do this until we are actually in December. I just can’t wait.

So to keep me busy until then, I thought today I would look at artificial flowers.

Yes, real blooms are wonderful but don’t these little beauties last longer!


Magnolia In Square Vase – £35.00 next.co.uk

These would just go anywhere.  I love their versatility


Orchid Globe – £10.00 next.co.uk

I have a real thing at the moment for mercurised looking vases and glass

Add an orchid and a Wow! really? price …. and I’m seriously happy


Red Glitter Peony Jam Jar – £8.00 next.co.uk

This is just so cute.  For Christmas or all year round this is a winner


Leafy Tree Lit Imitation Tree – £50 next.co.uk

I have 2  similar (but cheaper) artificial bay trees either side of my front door

and I think they add some serious curb appeal


Orchid Spray – £50 next.co.uk

My last choice was either lilies (!) or this Orchid Spray

Isn’t this just gorgeous?

Memories of Venice…

I am so sorry for the delay in this post!  Life was just determined to get in the way.

So many things to do and such little time.

Therefore, in memory of my fantastic (and relaxing) break to Venice (and to regain some much needed calm) I have decided to compare some of my holiday snaps to some of  my previous beautiful finds.  Enjoy.



Conran Copper Wire Trim Glass Tealight Holder – £12.00


Is it me or is this blue just gorgeous?  Whether in Venice or good old M&S, this is stunning



Raised Design Vase – £29.00 zarahome.com 

Perhaps its the texture or maybe the colour?

This vase reminds me of the elegance of Venetian buildings



Mercurised Wine Glass – £19.99  zarahome.com

This little treasure would have been right at home amongst all these amazing objects




Pink Flower Knob (set of 2) – £5.99  zarahome.com

As we stood on this bridge,  listening to a gondolier serenading a couple passing below

my husband gave me a similar flower.  Lucky me, eh?!

A side order of tables

Not as glamorous as some home furniture and accessories I admit, but boy aren’t they useful?

Holder of magazines, flowers and somewhere to rest your feet if necessary, they’re great.

I’ve visited habitat.co.uk  for this post as I thought their offerings looked great.

Let me know if you agree!


Blyth – Storage Side Table – was £95 now £75

This comes in Yellow, Pink and Mushroom

– what a pop of colour


Bumble  – Storage Side table – £65

Modern or retro I just can’t tell. That’s what makes this so cool


Sparkle – mirrored side table – £50

You had me at Sparkle.  Love the names of these Habitat products


Smithy – white metal side table – was £50 now £40

I am very keen on tables which have wheels – they are just so practical

– this one is also affordable and attractive,  so very HomestyleLily


Orrico – hammered aluminium side table – £125

I adore this.  It could go anywhere in your home and look fantastic

Very, very nice

These are a few of my favourite things

My apologies in the delay of my latest post. I was in Venice!
All those wondrous Venetian sights have made me want to surround myself with  all things beautiful.
This post therefore, is dedicated to some of my most favourite finds – the things I have or wish I could have in my own home. Lily xx



Floor Standing Mirror – dunelm-mill.com/ £49.99

Every day I look at this mirror and am so glad I own it.  Draped with flower-lights, its just fab


Raspberry felt flower cushion – next.co.uk £14-18

A cushion disguised as a flower …this is just …wow


Thick Wavy Vase – zarahome.com £29.99

When I posted this I said I could look at this all day and I could, happily


Kissing Couple Sculpture – johnlewis.com  £20

In memory of Venice.  Sigh


Resin Collectable Shell – next.co.uk  £20

Have this, love this


Parlane Mosiac Glass Table Lamp – johnlewis.com  £45

Have you seen Men In Black and the galaxy on “Orion’s belt”? ( A cat with a galaxy on its collar?)

This reminds me of that. Wonderfully weird

Light up the dark

The warm glow of lamp light.  Beautiful.

I looked at over head lights in a previous post so today, I have chosen table lamps to be …..well, under the spotlight.

See, what you think….


Parlane Mosiac Glass Table Lamp – £45  johnlewis.com

Isn’t this interesting? Your very own tiny planet on a side table


Twist Table Lamp- £30 next.co.uk

The texture and twists make this just fab


Tabitha Distressed Mirror Lamp – £85  johnlewis.com

Bedroom, living room or just anywhere? Versatile,  classy and stunning


Liv Table Lamp – £40 johnlewis.com

Understated, simple but so useable – this is the workhorse of the lamp world


Mathmos Astro Lava Lamp – £65  johnlewis.com

Lava lamps are the equivalent of Marmite

You either love them or hate them …and I just love them!

Accessory crazy

If accessories like jewellery, belts and scarves can make clothes look amazing, the right accessories in a room can do the same.

I tend to like the objects around my home to be quite large, unusual and with lots of texture.

One of my favourite pieces,  (see Resin Shell below) is actually a bathroom ornament but I give it pride of place in my living room because I think its beautiful.


Resin Collectable Shell – £20 next.co.uk


Mango Wood Lady Bust – £30 johnlewis.com

Love the texture and poise of this piece – you can almost imagine her pirouetting on stage


Kissing couple sculpture – £20 johnlewis.com

I’m not a very slushy person but the way they are holding hands and the slight touch of toes is just so romantic


Frith Sculpture:  Muffin Washing by Paul Jenkins – £32.50 johnlewis.com

I ADORE cats. You can almost hear this gorgeous feline purring


Vitra Eames House Bird – £133 johnlewis.com

This is what I would buy if I had more money to spend! Separated from Muffin, obviously

Blinging knobs

Yes, you read right and no puns please.

Hubby and I are currently painting and improving some wardrobe doors and need some new knobs.  Therefore, this post is a bit of research for us and  for you guys  I hope, an illustration of how a little change can make a big difference in adding style to a room.

My favourites so far have mostly been from Zara home zarahome.com  so here are just a few:


Pink flower knob (set of 2) – £5.99

This is sooooo pretty but my husband, he say no!  It’s just far to girly for him. Sigh


Hand painted knob (set of 2) – £4.99

This is more like it.  Pretty without being too feminine.  Definitely on the maybe list


Glass and metal knob (set of 2) – £9.99

Wow.  I love the intricacy of this design


Engraved metal knob (set of 2) – £9.99

Probably the one I will choose. I think this could be used in so many settings

What do you think?


Glass ball knob (set of 2) – £9.99

My favourite until I started to do my research!  I love the fact this would add some glamour

Rock around the crock-ery

Yawn, it’s that time of day again: Breakfast time.  WELL WAKE UP PEOPLE! With fabulous crockery your day can begin and end  with a zing.

Today, I have chosen two sites to bring you treasures from: M&S and Next home, because….. well, this is where I buy my crockery from and both places meet my mantra of:  affordable, practical (ish) and gorgeous.  See what you think…….


12 piece Lily dinner set available in grey or white – £45 next.co.uk

This set in either colour is lovely. However, grey with plum accessories just pips it for me

Also, nice name


12 piece platinum Glimmer dinner set – £45 next.co.uk

This picture unfortunately does not do this set justice

The flecks of platinum are seriously classy


12 piece Camden blue dinner set – £32 next.co.uk

Retro vibe, anyone?


12 piece Spring meadow dinner set – £95 marksandspencer.com

This is so, so, so pretty!


12 piece Nomad dining set -£60 marksandspencer.com

Nomad – is it just me or is this the coolest name for an dinner set, ever?


12 piece Truro striped dinner set – £60 marksandspencer.com

Nostalgia on a plate for me – growing up we had a similar set






Under my feet

Not all things are equal in a home.

We often concentrate on the more glamorous elements of home décor but what about the “old faithfuls”  – I’m thinking door mats and rugs?

Practical does not have to be boring so let’s take a closer look at things that go underfoot.

All doormats and rugs from one of my favourite “home” shops: next.co.uk


Rope Doormat – £12

Love the design of this.  Almost too good to wipe your feet on680-188-X54s[1]

Heart Embossed Doormat – £10

Leave your visitors in no doubt that you love your home

863-351-X54s[1]Grey Cosy Rug – £30 – £170

Love this.  As I have just bought one of these rugs for my own living room it would be rude not to include it

It’s just great.  Toe sinkingly soft.

883357[1]Vibrant Ombre Rug – £90-£220

Autumn in a rug


Ornate Damask Rug – £80-£225

I normally prefer plain rugs as they fit in easier if you redecorate a room

However, this has possibilities – it could fit it a contemporary or even a traditional room so, it gets my vote